The World's No.1 Rebounder, with the Longest and Most Flexible Bounce Known as The Best Exercise in The World.

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Experience the Vitalizer Rebounder, our exceptional indoor half-folding fitness trampoline designed for both adults and children. Crafted to the highest standards and exquisitely designed to elevate your workout journey.

  1. Vitalizer Rebounder - The pinnacle of professional bungee-sprung fitness trampolines.

  2. Secret to a Vital Life - Enjoy a complimentary 3-month membership providing you exclusive access to a wealth of training videos.

  3. Easy Transport - A convenient carry/storage bag for your Vitalizer Rebounder.

  4. Bounce Your Way to Success - A bounce counter to boost your motivation.

  5. Impressive Weight Capacity - With a maximum user weight of 150kgs/330lbs, the Vitalizer Rebounder can handle it all.

What's Included: